• All prospective candidates have to be registered with the school prior to admission.However, registration does not guarantee admission.
  • Registration opens in the first week of january. No requests for advance registration shall be entertained, three to four year old children are admitted to nursery.
  • Admission begins in the third week of january. Students are usually admitted only at the beginning of the school year.
  • Admission will be on a first come, first served basis subject to the availability of seats in each class. Application for admission must be signed and submitted by the personally.
  • A duly attested copy of the date of birth certificate issued by the municipality/panchayat/ hospital and two passport size photos of the child are to be submitted at the child are to be submitted at the time of admission.
  • No affidavit shall be accepted to substitute the birth certificate. Once registered, no request for change of name, surname, date of birth and parents' name shall be considered.